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European Directory Assistance (EDA)

European Directory Assistance (EDA) was established in 2003 and is the 2nd directory enquiry service provider in Belgium - the only alternative service to those provided by the historical operator.

Autorised by BIPT, the official Postal and Telecommunications services regulator in Belgium, EDA provides all kinds of telephone enquiries, namely:

  • White pages
  • Yello pages
  • Reveres lookups
  • International directory enquiries

The above services are accessible in Belgium via the short numbers 1212 (in Flemish), 1313 (in French) or 1414 (in English) or via the www.de1212.be and www.le1313.be.


After having developed powerful tools, strict algorithms and processes for use within its own enquiry services, EDA now extend its expertise and its experience with services designed for businesses. Under the brand Mutualeez, EDA is now offering a full range of specialised services in the field of customer data quality management and customer data integration, in order to meet the needs of businesses and organisations.